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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, we're following breaking news this morning. philadelphia police are investigating a violent home invasion and shooting in port richmond. >> a woman shot by intruders. we have a live report. >> also, philadelphia police are investigating an officer involved shooting overnight. we'll tell you what we know so far about what happened. and just a heart breaking day for the eagles. not only a lost against the dolphins, but also quarterback sam bradford injured after a big hit. we have an update on his injuries coming up in just a moment. good morning, it is monday, november 16th, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to check in with meisha and justin for our forecast. how are we looking today, guys? >> we'll have to brew that coffee extra strong, indeed, happy monday, you guys, roadways looking good, they're dry. justin, that's store for us today? >> forecast looks great. here we go, we start to warm
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it up a few degrees today. overall this week pretty mild once again for the middle of november. check it out. little cool start waking to up some 40's, even some 30 answer, as winds are starting to go pretty light right now from all of the wind energy we had over the weekend, finally diminishing, skies are clear, look at that, quakertown do you about 34 degrees at this hour, 45 still in pottstown, depends where you are, if you have the calm winds, where the temperatures start to drop. sustained winds 10 miles per hour, calm in redding this hour. there you go, storm scan3, nice and quiet, cloud-free skies, that's thousand will stay all day today, until the morning ride. no problems. you will be battling sun glare, temperatures responding nicely to the sunshine, check it out, 52, 99:00. up to 62 at noontime. so great lunch break, if you can get outside, end judge at this, afternoon highs, make it into the mid 60s, so here we go again, running well above average, so it will feel nice outside at the shore talking low 60s, and mid 50's, in the poconos, with the sunshine. even warmer temperatures as we
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get close to that 70 degrees mark, we will talk about that coming up in just a few more minutes. what's the latest on the roads? >> great news, justin, good morning, roadways looking pretty good, nice and dry, still light levels, all things considering, coming from jersey, 42 freeway looking good. we do have an overturned tractor-trailer, just north of this ramp from 42 north to 295 north. that ramp is closed. traffic on 295 is being diverted to exit 26 right now. so for those of you in and around the area, make note of. that will of course i'll let you know as things progress as things get cleared out of the way. just know that update for now. construction, 59 north near 291 block that left lane still this morning. i will let you know, keep ion there is let you know when that clears. right now the vine is looking great. usually have the overnight construction lingers until 5:00 a.m. not so in in case. already starting to see volume progress ever so slightly on the vine. then construction pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between valley forge and norristown,
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that right lane is blocked in and around this area. so we do still have construction out there. just update to this. 495 north at terminal avenue, the off ramp has now reopened. erika, back to you. >> back to the breaking news right now, woman is shot during a frightening home invasion in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. we want to check in with jan carabeo at the scene with the latest information for us. jan, good morning. >> reporter: err cape, this neighborhood is on edge this morning, after learning that a woman was shot here in an early morning home invasion. you can see here on the scene hine me, that police remain on the scene, securing the crime scene, right inside of the home. meanwhile, neighbors are awake, watching, wondering what happened. this is the 2,000 block of buckie "a" street in port richmond, police reported after 2:00 a.m. for report of home invasion. police say one was was shot, they took her to the hospital. at this point no update on her condition this morning. no update about the suspects either. neighbors here tell me this
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woman just moved into the neighborhood, not too long ago, many here did not know her. all they know they say is that they heard allowed bang this morning, followed by a lot of police activity. out here on scene you can see the police activity, we have number of officers inside of this home on the 2,000 block securing this scene, this is still a developing story, just as soon as we get more information we will bring it straight to you, but again, neighborhood is on edge after the report of a woman was shot during a violent home invasion here in port richmond, reporting live, back to you in the studio, erika. >> jan, thanks so much. >> new this morning, a man is hit by bullet from the gun of a philadelphia police officer. this happened around 2:45 on the 600 block every east, west moore lan street in kensington, no word right now on that victim's age. but police do tell "eyewitness news" his wounds do not appear to be life threatening at this time. "eyewitness news" is on the way to the scene, we expect a live report coming up in our next half hour. off duty philadelphia
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housing authority officer shoots and kills a would-be robber in germantown. police say two men tried to rob the pha officer at 400 west school lane last night. the off duty officer exchanged gunfire, killing one of those suspects. the other got away. that officer was not hurt. philadelphia police are investigating how the bodies of two infants wounds up in a lot in kensington. medical examiner says the babe his undergone an autopsy before they were found. investigators say a couple of children were walking near a field at pail authority and berk street sunday morning, that's when they found the bodies of a baby girl and boy next to pile of trash. >> they notified their parent. their parent took a pro-active approach, came back to the scene to verify things, make sure that the kids were not lying. >> police are checking surveillance video to see if they can offer clues how those babies bodies wound up there. meanwhile france is fighting back following the deadly attacks that killed 129
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people. the french military launched air strikes on the islamic state in syria last night destroying jihadi training camp. hunt still on foreman suspected in the attacks. about 15 minute ago we learned two more attackers were identified. one from syria. andrew spencer has more. french ex patriots gathered at a bakery in downtown see at toll offer support to each other and to their loved ones ck home. >> we are 5,000 miles from paris. but our families here. i got my dad this morning, in shock. one of my friends, one ahead from one, two locked in their ants. >> for some, thoughts are now on their own safety. >> definitely stepped up patrols in and around the city. we are working closely with the honorary console hereof france, to ensure that we provide support to them, as well. >> one of the attacks happened outside a sports stadium, north of paris, has caused particular concern in the united states.
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with extra security screened football fans outside greenbay's lambeau field, something seen throughout the nfl sunday. >> we've got some extra measures in place, nothing that anyone would necessarily notice, but acting upon direction from home security, fbi, work with the national football league, all teams having football games have added extra precaution. >> all over the worlds vigils are being held n long beach, california they were for a local woman who died at friday's attacks, nohemi gonzalez, moved to france temporarily as foreign exchange students? she had a profound presence in our department, will be extraordinarily, profoundly missed. >> andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". anyone going to the sixers game tonight will have to deal with some increased security following the paris attacks. officials at the wells fargo center say they're increasing security measures during flyers and sixers games. they also say fans should allow little extra time to
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enter the arena. >> as you mentioned, moments of silence held around the nfl this week toned honor the victims of the paris terror attacks. american service members were also honored. here's what looked like at the linc before the eagles game yesterday. players stood with members of the military holding on it a giant american flag. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the terror attacks in paris. we have the latest development on air and of course on line at 4:38 right now. and the eagles fall below 500 again, and this time they lose quarterback sam bradford, too. bradford was knocked out of yesterday's game with the dolphins in the third quart war shoulder injury and a concussion. the eagles had built 16 to three lead, but the dolphins came back. a deflected pass wounds up giving miami the leads. birds could not make up the difference. eagles lose 20-19. >> i think we hurt ourselves. we ran 80 something plays. we stalled.
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you know, i think a lot of it has to dot penalties put us behind the count. >> usually pretty good at keeping the momentum, and finishing. we will go back and look at the tape and see really what happened. because we didn't play our best. >> with that lost, eagles fall to four and five on the season, and as for sam bradford, he has concussion, but x-rays on his shoulder negative. no word on how much time he'll miss. the birds host and four and five tampa bay bucks sunday afternoon. >> meantime eagles fans sounding off about another disappointing lost, and they are not minutes g words. >> everyone is hurt. what can we do? you know? we got nothing. we got nothing. no defense. no offense. losing to the dolphins, we got nothing, guys, we have nothing. >> i think it is sanchez didn't come in, we would have won the game. we dominated first half. second half was a joke. >> they stunning. >> all right. so we want to hear what you have to say about the birds. do you think the eagles can
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still make the playoffs? connect with us on facebook and twitter and join the conversation. use #cbs3. this is not something you expect to see running through the street of philadelphia. but it is he can actually what happened over the weekends. as residents caught glimpse of two zebra's running wild. how those animals wound up taking an impromptu tour of the city of brotherly love. and we promise it is mid-november. once again, it is going to be a warm week. justin take a look at the temperatures when we come right back. good morning.
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>> after a brief crew around the city these zebras are are back with their circus, broke free at the man center for the performing art. just trotting down city line avenue. eventually they were coraled about two and a half miles away from the circus. >> they came around, and shot right by. it went shot across. like is that a zebra?
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>> a circus spokesman says the zebras were not hurt during their escape, but animal activists say the zebras could have easily hurt themselves, and could have caused serious traffic accidents. we do want to point to the woman we spoke to was in fact wearing a zebra print top, mere coincidence, justin, you tell me. i don't know. >> fun. >> i but beautiful. it does not feel like mid-november. >> no, today will probably be the best day of the week, i think, temperatures in the mid 60s, sunshine, great day to be outside if you can, pretty light winds. little chilly, throw the jacket on, hey, it is november. then you will probably take it off this afternoon. as we warm up. live look at center city, all quiet this morning, good travel conditions with the dry conditions outside on the roads. live look at the ben franklin bridge, no problems to talk b little bit cool in some suburbs, especially where winds are going calm. look at swedesboro, 38 degrees, not too far cherry hill at 45. forty-four newark, delaware, dover delaware almost at ooh at this hour. we drop few more degrees right before sunrise, with these clear skies. forty-two palmyra, 45
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voorhees, mullica hill also in the 30's, seeing 30's allentown, quakertown, then pottstown up to 45. so if you get enough after breeze, only 5 miles per hour, keeps the temperatures up. clear skies over us right now. high pressure over the mid-atlantic. there go, enjoy the dry conditions today, tomorrow, for the middle to end of the week, talking about next storm system. so nice dry stretch of weather continues in our forecast. here's what's happening today. not whole lot. mostly sunny conditions throughout your morning into the afternoon. tonight, keeping things nice and quiet. tomorrow, kind of the same deal. generally mostly sunny skies, should see few more clouds returning later during the day, overall still mostly sunny conditions. here we go. jet stream well to the north, that's why we are talking about above average temperatures, then we get push of even warmer air wednesday and thursday. if we see enough sun, we could get a run at 70. but there will be some clouds, some showers on thursday. so it will be close. brief cool down again for the end of the week, but into next week, the weekend, start to see that jet stream returning to the north. so overall, temperatures still going above average for the most part, for the month of
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november. nice day today, 56 degrees for the high temperature, tonight, another chilly night with clear skies, at 45. check out the extended forecast, again, 65 degrees, we go to the 50's, on tuesday, back into the upper 60s, but the showers coming in on thursday. erika, back over to you. >> still upper 60s in november. how about it? >> we take it. >> turning to campaign 2016 now. new pole shows clear winner in saturday night's democratic debate. cbs news surveyed democratic and independent voters. 51% said they thought hillary clinton won the debate. 28% said bernie sanders was the winner. and 7% pick martin o'malley. >> meantime, o mali went on the attack at rally in iowa. former maryland governor keyed in on comment clinton made during the debate. she said she developed ties to major wall street players while helping to rebuild manhattan after 9/11. yesterday o'malley blasted the former secretary of state. >> last night in the debate
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secretary clinton, to try to mask her proximity to wall street, the huge amount of contributions and the dollars she has received personally from the major banks of wall street, sadly invoked 9/11 to try to mask that. look, she doesn't have to mask it. it is what it is. clinton's campaign says the comment were taken out of context. owe mal ski still polling in the single digits, behind clinton and sanders. >> stay with "eyewitness news" tore complete coverage of 2016. latest for you on air and on our website still ahead this morning, ice witness news facebook is defending itself for activating its safety check feature after the terrorist attack. we'll tell you why many people are unhappy with the social media giant. first, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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we have an update right now to our breaking news, philadelphia police are investigating a violent home invasion in port richmond overnight. a woman was shot and has been taken to the hospital. no word right now on her condition. >> also, police involved shooting overnight in kensington. a philadelphia police officer shot a man on the 600 block of east-west moreland street. that man was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. we'll have a live report coming up at the top of the hour. >> also, the eagles fall below 500 again, and this time they also lose quarterback sam bradford. bradford was knocked out every yesterday's game with the dolphins in the third quart war shoulder injury and a concussion. the birds lost their initial lead and fell to the dolphins 20 to 19. >> facebook is facing some criticism for activating its safety check feature after the paris terrorist attacks. the feature allowed facebook users in the area to notify their friends that me were safe. it has only been used five times before after natural disasters. some people later asked
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facebook why it didn't activate it after thursday's deadly bomb, and saturday, to activate safety check only for natural disasters, but he add that that feature will now be turn on after human disaster, as well. 4:50, time to come up in business news with money watch's jill wagner up at the new york stock exchange, jill, hearing world markets are react together paris attacks. how are they responding? >> well, here, the new york stock exchange, a moment of silence, before the opening bell today, will honor the victim in friday's attacksment spokesperson won't comment whether there would be any security changes, bomb sniffing dogs routinely comb here through at night, already metal detectors at the door. erika? >> can't be too safe. hearing asian markets finished mostly lower today. are specking any change today? what do you think? >> well, most analysts expect that the paris attacks will spark a sell-off. but only in the short-term.
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so airlines, stock, and other tourist related companies, could suffer, on the other hands, defense companies could get a boost. european markets, including in france, they are open for business. there is extra security, and so far most are trading lower. erika? >> all right, jill, thank you. see you later this morning. >> coming up after the break, we'll check on your traffic and weather together on your
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>> belgium national is behind the attacks, 129 people died in series of coordinated shootings, and bombings on friday night. we will continue to follow this story and bring you more updates as we get them. right now, though, 4:53. we check in with meisha with the latest on the roads. >> good morning, happy monday to you. here's a live look outside
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schuylkill eastbound, coming from the boulevard, looking good, there as well. already on this monday morning, you can see, steady bill up already. forty-two freeway northbound, at creek road, for those of you in jersey, looking good here, just jotter of this, overturned tractor trailer in earlier, a ramp from 42 north, is closed at 295 north. so the ramp is, again, that is closed. so traffic on 295 is being diverted to exit, 26. still, and i will let you know that clears, but sounds like it has been there for a whilement construction 95 north near route 291, left lane block, in that area. and he we also have an accident norristown that's now since been cleared. so overall, just getting little busy out there. we typically see this start early on a monday morning, justin, what do we have in store for us today? sound like it will be a lovely one. >> awesome one. no problems weather wise, if you like mild temperatures, you will love today. cool this morning, but hey, it is november, clear skies right now, some areas seeing calm winds. that's where we are finding coldest temperatures, again, some of the outer suburbs look at the lehigh valley, 38 at
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this hour, 47 in philadelphia, enough of a wind in trenton keeping temperature up at ooh degrees. so storm scan3, quiet. we have high pressure over us, that means, singing air motion, generally mostly sunny skies today. and that temperature is running well above average, almost good 10 degrees. sunny, mild, 65 degrees, throughout the day today. winds pretty light out of the west-northwest at about 10 miles per hour, tonight, it does get chilly again, mostly clear skies, low of around 45 for the city, little cooler in the suburbs, now, tomorrow, is going to be cooler, right where we should be. still decent amount of sunshine, 56 degrees. we warm it back up for the middle of the week. low 60s wednesday, upper 60s thursday, however, though, we will see some rain chances specially on thursday, through the first half of the day. friday we clear it out again, 58 degrees, setting up to see dry weekend with highs in the 50's. erika, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. here checking stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. philadelphia city council is holding hearings today on bills that would clear the way for the development of the city's second casino.
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this one would be in the stadiums in south philly. also, the new federal budget includes changes for social security and those changes could affect your benefit. >> and, 14 philadelphia police officers have been killed in the last nine years. tonight some of their widows will come together for a fundraiser to raise money for families of fallen officers. >> check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are continuing to follow breaking news after a woman is shot this morning during a ambush inside her home. >> also, following the latest developments overnight in the terror attack in paris. from the manhunt for a suspect still on the run to the technology that lets the attackers plan that mission without being detected. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. we're back at the top of the hour this monday morning.
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>> frightening wake up for a woman, she is ambushed and shot. we're on the look for the mask men who broke into her home. also new this morning, philadelphia police open fire on man overnight sending him to the hospital. we have the latest on what led to that shooting. also: france is on edge, as police say another terrorist is at large. i'm jonathan in paris, and i'll have that story coming up. good morning respect it is monday, november 16th, i'm erika von tiehl. we'll get to all of the breaking news coming up in a few minutes. first, justin, meisha, a keeping an eye on things. shaping up to be pretty nice day. good morning, guys. >> yes, do think it will be abut full day. out on the roadways, certainly heating up for this monday morning, overall just dealing with overnight construction,
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things looking pretty good. justin, bring us the good news, flu. >> another bit of good news, yes, ma'am, forecast is great. dealing with a lot of sunshine today, high temperature should be high 50's, not even close to that, talking mid 60s, this afternoon, so almost 10 degrees above average. it is cool this morning, with clear skies, out here in the skydeck, little bit after breeze, but overall not too bad here in center city. at the airport it is 48 degrees. some suburbs, though, are cool. specially areas that have the calm wind. in the 30's up in allentown right now. 36 degrees in quakertown. mid 40's in doylestown. tal myra and almost 50 at this hour in mt. holly, new jersey, so again, just really depend on how fast the winds are at your location, 3-mile per hour winds speeds in wilmington, to up ten in philadelphia, so little bit after breeze this morning, not enough to really bring some brutal windchills in here, nice and quiet on storm scan3, and it will stay like that, really, for the next 48 to even 72 hours for the most part. nice dry stretch of weather. look at that pretty much full sunshine today break the temperatures by mor b


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